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The Enhancer II
(Available for Propane and CNG.)

A Two Stage Unit Designed to increase Mileage and Power in all the latest Diesel Vehicles!

Free Dyno included on Semi Installations at RMR...
a $300 Value!


Welcome to RMR Pro-Diesel Tech

" Home of the Enhancer"

Your diesel engine was designed to provide horsepower and torque for a long time. Want to extend the life or your diesel engine even further, while at the same time getting more horsepower and better fuel economy? RMR Pro Diesel Technology offers  vapor propane  and compressed natural gas systems that ENHANCER_Iwill do just that!

Our Propane/CNG Enhancer Kits use “VAPOR” only and a patented progressive valve technology that is boost pressure activated.  Vapor is injected into the manifold in volumes that increase as the boost pressure level of the engine increases, which produces greater energy form the unburned diesel fuel.  What it is actually doing is turning it into energy while it’s on top of the pistons.  Then you can back off your foot and see increased mileage.


This kit is designed to help you with your mile increase on your fuel on any diesel truck with a turbo, diesel pickup, diesel RV and diesel farming implements. Smart turbo diesel owners know that propane or CNG, when properly used, keeps their engine running cleaner with less carbon buildup and cleaner oil.

Running propane or CNG on your truck gives longer engine life, better fuel economy, and significantly more power. 

Propane and CNG are higher octane fuels; higher octane fuels burn longer and slower, therefore it helps diesel burn thoroughly. It works as a “catalyst” when combined with the diesel fuel.  When the vapor is added to the diesel fuel, almost 100% of the fuel is burned (as opposed to 75% without propane or CNG  injection) which is what gives you the torque, horsepower and fuel economy.This means no carbon build up and cleaner oil is obtained.

Key Features

  • Adds up to 100+ Horsepower and 100+ Ft. Lbs. Torque
  • Operates off a vacuum draw
  • Universal system works with Powerstroke, Cummins or Duramax diesel engines
  • Safe to operate
  • Substantial fuel economy gains


The Enhancer I and Enhancer II  injection kits are  systems that operate off a vacuum draw. You can expect your torque to increase as much or more than horsepower. This pre-tuned system, specifically flowed for your  diesel engine, eliminates guesswork and over-fueling. The vacuum draw operation will release the necessary amount of vapor that your engine can safely utilize.

The Enhancer kit is activated by a “Rocker Switch” that is mounted in your cab and your can turn it on and off anytime you like; however if you turn your engine off it will automatically shut the system off.

Enhancer I

Designed for Farm Equipment and Stationary Engines.


Enhancer II

Two Stage System for Increased Mileage and Power!

Explore our testimonials on the Enhancer Series of Propane systems. We are proud of the numerous installs and service that has provided to our customers and look forward to earning your buisness.